MF utility tractor impresses seasoned contractor

Massey Ferguson modernises a seasoned farmer’s fleet

Tasmanian contractor Bob Madsen recently bought his first Massey Ferguson tractor and loves the versatility it offers his diverse contracting business.

Massey Ferguson MFBob farms 50 cows and calves in southeast Tasmania near Sorell, and he also runs Bob’s Rural Contracting. The business offers a range of services,

including hay, silage and direct drilling. In the colder months Bob services the viticulture and horticulture industries.

Bob bought the new MF 5713 SL to replace a larger 155hp John Deere tractor. “I looked at another brand was because there has been a shift in my business. I needed to downsize from a 155hp tractor and get a smaller, more versatile machine, which suits my needs better now,” he says.

“I went to a Massey Ferguson also because it was set up in all the ways that I wanted it. This machine was available at the time when I needed it, and it had everything I needed. I wanted to get it before the harvesting season.”

The MF 5713 SL won tractor of the year for best utility in 2016 and offers many extra features designed to save the farmers and contractors time and improve the efficiency of their businesses.

“One of the key requirements for me was for it to be steer ready. I intend to put 2.0cm RTK GPS into the machine,” says Bob.

“It came with all the hydraulic valves fitted. It also came with SpeedSteer. You only have to turn the steering wheel very minimally to give you full lock. It is a great feature, especially when I am doing only harvesting and headland work. It saves the wear and tear to the shoulder.”

Bob also wanted brake-to-neutral, which he says is the next best thing to a variable transmission.

“It is fitted with Datatronic. It’s got a great deal of recording and information in that Datatronic. I could programme 8-10 implements in and set them up and when we want to use that implement again, it is in the computer. It is unbelievable the way that machine is set up.”

This harvest season, Bob’s MF 5713 SL was on a 3.5m mower conditioner and was then hooked up to a seed drill. Bob is hoping to have the GPS fully operating within the next few weeks.

“With my viticultural work there is room for that machine with GPS to give clients their accuracy setting for ripping the vine rows. Having the 2.0cm GPS means it will be more cost effective for my clients without surveying rows.”

The MF 5713 SL features two electronic remotes and two manual remotes, with the electronic remotes set up on a multi-function joystick.

“I can change gear with the joystick and I can activate or use those two remotes simultaneously. It’s a great attribute,” says Bob.

He has received excellent customer service and support from his dealer in Bridgewater, Total Ag Solutions.

“I dealt with Angela Burke and nothing was a problem to her. It made all the difference. I have dealt with a lot of dealers over my time with a lot of machinery and the level of information and interaction from her was fantastic,” says Bob.

“She had a good understanding of what I needed and since I have had machine, she has kept in close contact and offered regular support.”