Introducing the ALL NEW Ranger XP 1000 HD

Polaris Ranger XP 1000Polaris has set a new standard as Australia’s Number 1 in Off-Road Vehicle brand with the introduction of the 2018 RANGER XP 1000 Heavy Duty which has now arrived in local Polaris dealerships.
With over 100 owner inspired innovations, this make the new Ranger XP 1000 HD designed and built for Australia. This model has re-invented Heavy Duty through upgraded sealed suspension bushes to keep the elements out and takes it even further with sealed drive shaft splines to keep the dust-out. Grease nipples have been added on ball joints and many critical points in order to keep important components of the vehicle well lubricated to be capable of handling copious amounts of high pressure while continuing to still operate at a smooth rate. The Ranger XP 1000 HD also comes standard with inner rear guards, a reinforced full-body skid plate providing even-more rugged protection for increased durability and upgraded wheel bearings just to add to the heavy duty features.
The Hardest Working. Smoothest riding off-road utility takes safety to the next level with the engine braking system and Active Descent Control (ADC). Active Descent Control allows the off road utility to travel down steep terrain with or without load in command no matter whether it is in drive or reverse gear. ADC is activated at the flick of a switch and registers when descending downhill less than 25km/h. Just enough power is required to get the vehicle moving and once engaged the vehicle drivetrain is automatically controlled while descending downhill in a controlled manner.
With class leading performance and assurance, The Ranger XP 1000 HD has certified roll over protection structure’s, a park brake that also displays a “left on” alert if not down, Speed Key options, Seat Belt Interlock, Three-Mode Throttle Control with Performance, Standard and Work modes for unparalleled control of the vehicle’s industry leading power. All this combines for a better driving experience, no matter the application.
The Polaris designed, large-ratio clutch provides unmatched, low-speed drivability and features the strongest belt ever offered on Ranger. Additionally, redesigned under-hood air intakes and a new clutch cover provide increased air flow for cooler, longer-lasting belt life. Improved driveline geometry produces less friction for increased efficiency and a quieter ride. The Ranger XP 1000 HD turns power into productivity with 1,134kgs of towing capacity.
For precision handling, the vehicle has a reduced steering ratio and provides a tighter turning radius, and the new, front sway bar offers a more responsive ride and improved maneuverability. Low-speed clutch engagement provides a smooth ride and more control when loading, unloading, hooking up a trailer or navigating tight terrain.
Media Release
Immediate Release
7th June, 2018
VersaTrac is colloquially known as Turf Mode which enables the rear wheels to rotate independently of one another, allowing tighter turns and reduced “tearing” of delicate surfaces such as fine turf or compacted pathways. Switchable from the dash, drivers can toggle from Turf Mode to 2WD (locked rear diff) to AWD.
At the foundation of the Ranger XP 1000 HD is a more-rigid, one-piece chassis. The new chassis increases stiffness and reduces flex for a stronger, more-durable machine and improved ride. The industry-leading 27.9cm of suspension travel represents a 10 percent increase, further enhancing the legendary smooth ride that Ranger is known for. New 27-in tyres with cast aluminum rims provide a taller stance and 33cm of ground clearance. With 8.3 percent more ground clearance, the Ranger XP 1000 can conquer the toughest terrain. The new Ranger XP 1000’s all-new exterior design is inspired and a new distinct grill is positioned behind a massive front bumper designed for added protection in the toughest environments.
The Ranger XP 1000 HD also features an all-new dumping cargo box carries 11.5 percent more volume and has welded steel corners for increased stiffness. Features such as exclusive Lock & Ride rails, eight stake pockets, molded in-box divider slots, and large, reinforced D-rings make it the most-versatile cargo box in the industry.
The all-new interior of the Ranger XP 1000 HD has been completely redesigned around the operator, providing more comfort and convenience. Getting in and out of the vehicle is easier with 12.7cm more clearance. Once inside, the operator will notice more legroom and ultra-comfortable seats with 2.5 cm more bottom cushioning. An all-new, user-friendly dash layout features a new dual-sweep digital/analog gauge and four more accessory switch locations that are pre-wired. As a result, Polaris Engineered accessory installation is easier.
With new class-leading storage, the Ranger XP 1000 HD has room for anything needed for a day of riding or working. A massive, 12.9 litre in-dash tray, and large, truck-inspired, double glove boxes keep even the largest items secure. The new flip-up passenger seat offers maximum interior configurability and can hold cargo such as a 19 litre bucket or a cooler. The in-cab attention to detail can even be seen with the six cup holders, including handle cutouts for mugs.
Ranger has hundreds of available Polaris Engineered accessories for any work or recreation application, including cab systems, storage solutions, wheels and tyres, and more. The Ranger XP 1000 takes accessory integration to new heights with the new Polaris Pulse electrical system and Ranger Pro Shield cab system. Found under the hood, the Polaris Pulse electrical system allows for plug-and-play installation of Polaris Engineered powered accessories. Additionally, a Polaris Pulse bus bar can be added to the new Polaris Engineered Lock & Ride roofs for easy installation of additional lighting, audio and other powered accessories.
The all-new Ranger Pro Shield cab system provides a premium in-cab experience with less dust intrusion. New, exterior design features on the vehicle further enhance rider comfort by reducing dust in-cab. The cab system is fully customizable and features re-designed doors with crank or power window options, as well as half-doors. It also offers integrated accessory options such as an eight-vent heater and defrost system; windshield washer and wiper system; multi-function, removable cab light; heated seats; rearview mirrors; and more to provide the most-premium cab experience RANGER has ever offered.