PFG Australia is proud to introduce 2 additional tractors to their well established and highly successful Deutz-Fahr 4E Series. The 95hp 4100.4E and the 85hp 4090.4E ROPS tractors add further strength and versatility to this popular range.

These high spec, high quality, versatile, all-purpose tractors extend the range to 3 cab models: 62hp, 80hp and 95hp tractors, and a first European style, Deutz-Fahr  ROPS tractor, providing an even greater choice to Australian farmers and growers.

The all-purpose tractors, join the existing range with demonstrable power, manoeuvrability and excellent loader capabilities. The new 4100.4E (95hp) has a “state of the art” Deutz-Fahr  cabin, providing the ultimate in comfort, whilst the 4090.4E ROPS (85hp) model looses nothing other than air conditioning, through its open air platform.

Anthony Darveniza, PFG’s Deutz-Fahr tractor specialist says, “These powerful yet compact tractors will provide unequalled versatility in the field and on the road. With a CreepSpeed of just 280m/hr and a top speed of 40km/h, these tractors are a good fit for any job from large life style blocks, to the challenging and precise applications required by grape growers and horticulturalists. In addition, these tractors are so easy to operate and maintain that numerous operators can jump on and be driving within minutes.”

Both the 4090.4E (85hp) and the 4100.4E (95hp) are powered by the Deutz-Fahr  4-cylinder, 4000 CC (4.0 Litre) turbocharged, inter-cooled engine. The compact design of the engine has allowed the minimal dimensions, reduction in weight, whilst maintaining maximum performance.

The transmission is simple, proven Deutz-Fahr transmission technology. It provides 30 forward and 15 reverse gears in 5 synchronised speed gears and 3 range gears, including creep, and synchronised shuttle.The synchronised shuttle enables forward and reverse to be selected through the simple movement of a lever, when using a front-end loader . 

The ability to stop is important. Deutz-Fahr has developed a valuable feature from its oil immersed wet brakes: True 4 Wheel Braking. The front brakes are engaged together with the rear to ensure positive stopping when towing heavy loads, and in difficult conditions.

The 4WD front axle enables a turning angle of 55°, providing excellent manoeuvrability, whilst the featured centre line drive eliminates the need for universal joints, decreasing maintenance.

The operator will appreciate the hydrostatic steering, which enables fast and easy control, for reduced operator fatigue. An independent 17L/min pump, insurers total steering control at all times.

Providing additional reliability  and safety, the hydraulic system has a dedicated 45L/min pump to supply the lifting ram and auxiliary valves. Another operator pleaser is the Easy Lift button which enables the operator to lift the 3 point linkage up/down with the press of a button. These additions give greater accuracy and simplicity to mounting a wider range of implements.

The cabin and ROPS platform offer a characteristically Deutz-Fahr, spacious working area, comfortable driving position and easy to use (colour coded), ergonomic controls for every aspect of operation. The 4100.4E is fitted with digital climate control, similar to a car, whilst  the 4090.4 ROPS model features a 2 post, foldable frame with sun canopy, in place of air-con.

The Deutz-Fahr 4E Series provides users with the ideal combination of compact dimensions, power, a sturdy construction and simplicity of use. With applications from parks to horticulture, viticulture to sheep, beef and dairy, they are capable of the widest variety of operations.