30″ Stand-on Aerator

  • Manoeuvre in tight spaces
  • High productivity
  • Comfortable ride


The Toro 30 inch ride on aerator is a great machine for aerating large or small lawns quickly.  This aerator comes with a gasoline Kawasaki v-twin engine and can reach speeds of 7.5 miles per hour in forward and 2.2 miles per hour in reverse.  The integrated hydraulic system follows the contour of the ground while pulling even plugs over hills and soft ground.  This stand on aerator applies 1200 pounds of down force and can pull up to a 5 inch plug.

The Toro stand on aerator comes with an electronic foot pedal that once pressed lowers the tines and once released raises the tines.  The operator platform is designed to “float” to maximize user comfort by isolating the operator from the vibrations of the machine.  This aerator is 48 inches wide and has a working width of 30 inches per pass.  The 48 tines and fast speed can allow users to aerate 2.1 acres in an hour.  A spreader attachment is available for the front of the machine to allow for aeration and over seeding at the same time