Stand-on Spreader Sprayer

COVID-19 Special One Only @ $13,500


Price:$17,299.00 $13,500.00


Treating turf can be a big job. Toro’s stand-on spreader sprayer makes that job a whole lot easier. It’s the industry’s most innovative product of its kind, featuring Lean To Steer technology so you can control the machine with one hand and have one hand free to make adjustments to the spreader or sprayer using the intuitive control panel. With fast forward speeds of up to 8.8 km/h, a large 79.4 kg hopper and a 75.7 litre spray tank, you can count on spending less time re-filling and more time covering ground.

  • Lean to steer technology
  • 75 litre capacity tank
  • Easy to use controls